October 31, 2010

A Blast From the Past (part 1)

here's a quickie for ya. i was doing my annual myspace profile check today and happily discovered that i had begun a blog back then! so, because i don't feel like blogging anything new today (and because i find my old blogs deeply hilarious), i will randomly re-post them for you. there's only a few, but i'll divide them up so its not so much to read a time.

sidenote- you may want to start reading at the very last entry (scroll this blog down the entire way) so that you can read them chronologically. i promise they will make more sense that way.

btw, if you would like to read more/visit my amazing myspace page, click here.

while i'm at it, i had a great time at our halloween party last night. click here for my halloween costume pictures!

have fun!
i hope you laugh!

.with hope.

December 18, 2006 • Monday
Blog from Hawaii
Category: Travel and Places
Ahhhh, the Hawaiian life.

So here I sit, amidst a clear blue sky and happy palm trees. The Pacific Ocean is tumbling around to my right, and a gecko scurries around in the grass to my left.

My location: the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii. It's the main YWAM hub and the one and only Loren Cunningham dwells in the vacinity (can I hear sarcastic OOOOHS and AHHHHHSS from all the YWAM peeps??) Anyway, it's great to be away from my life back in PA. It gives me time to reflect and ponder away from all my distractions of my normal routine.

It's totally strange to be in this YWAM atmostphere, again. It's been years since I spent time in YWAM, and I might add, I have changed tons since then. Although, I didn't realize how much I've actually changed until I came. I'll not bore you with the details, but am glad to share if anyone really wants to know.

Yup, I don't want to go back to pennsylvania. I don't want to spend the whole day cramped in a plane. And I don't want to leave Andrew... that's the hardest.

Ahhh, but such is life.

One more day here....

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November 2, 2006 • Thursday
Category: Travel and Places

So it is a definite now,,, Melissa is going to Hawaii!! Why? may you ask? Because her lovey-dovey boy is living there right now! When? do you ask? December 13th! (that is 6 weeks and counting from yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Andrew and I had been half-heartedly tossing the idea of me visiting for some time now. We finally realized that it was totally possible! I haven't seen him since August and won't see him until March.... except now I will in December! Thank you, Lord!

On to a much more exciting topic... my beautiful friend, Renee, and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Longwood Gardens to see the mum festival. It was so amazing... I can't even describe to you the beauty of those flowers. Apparently they aren't just a plain ol' Lancaster county flower.... they have deep ties to Asian culture!

We went from endulging ourselves in outdoor beauty to smog..... I mean Philly, for the rest of the day. Talk about extremes! We had a terrific night on the town and happened upon a rockin' coffee shop.... Last Drop on Pine Street. I might have to travel the hour to just hang out there! Anyone want to go with?

I had never thought too highly of Philly before this trip. But I realized it was because I never had hit the right section of town. Yesterday we hit the artsy, young kid side and my heart was happy (I'm not saying I'm artsy at all.... just young).

And also... I had a dream of owning some cowgirl boots. That dream has come true! Now I can truly represent who I am with these!.... I can't wait to go dancing and try them out..... anyone want to come?

And..... Melissa is formally in a band who's in the midst of searching for a non-emo sounding name. I'm rockin tunes on the keys and there's a whoppin 5 boys in it. But let me tell you, these boys know how to write songs! It's a bit weird hearing me in the sound system, though. I need to get used to that. But I love being able to play as I please and write my own stuff! We just need to perfect the songs we have and catch a few gigs... I'll keep everyone informed, no need to worry!

Ahhh, life is good.

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October 26, 2006 • Thursday
i love being a server

i have served since i was 17-- that's almost 5 years! and man, i love it. especially because ALL i have to deal with are tourists (your typical rich corolinian old couples travelling the states in a 50 foot motorhome with huge tvs and cable and handicapped bathrooms and the such)

as of late, i have had many interesting things happen to me. many, of which are almost incredibly boring to tell. let me try a few. and please note i tell these in good humor, no hard feelings towards any of the characters---

this one i tried to tell to andrew the other night, but cried laughing for a few minutes while remembering the sequence of events. once i got the story out, it was too late to revive the climax and make him laugh, although i realize it's a dud of a story anyhow. anyway,,, so i was walking up to a table, pretty much busy out of my mind. i had originally served their food and made a huge deal out of the deliciousness of the sweet potato fries they had ordered. inquiring about them, i smiled and proceeded to say, "How are them?" it was in this intense millisecond afterwards that my head swarmed with thoughts like "what the hell did i just say? that didn't even make sense? did they notice? maybe they're too busy eating to realize? well, now that the damage is done should i correct myself and laugh awkwardly or continue the one-sided enthusiastic conversation by hurridly saying something else?? they probably think i'm some unschooled little girl who doesn't know how to talk...." my face got red starting at my neck, working it's way to my ears. i fel some perspiration on my upper lip, my forehead, and then my armpits. HURRIDLY i decided to respond to my stupid question by putting words in their mouths (since there was food in there's). I nodded enthusiastically and said "good?? yeah??". i walked briskly away pretending as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. . .

may i add this kindof thing happens ALL THE TIME to me??

lately i've been getting pulled aside or flagged down by an over-zealous customer. thinking they are going to complain about their hard baked potato or too-sour saurkraut, i prepare for the worst. "are you amish?" am i amish?? what the hairy??? what do i look like??? do i LOOK amish? a pierced and tattood girl wearing pearls and a bob-cut? "WHAT?" i scream in my mind. this is ridiculous. then i have to endulge in an in-depth conversation about who the amish are, how they're diff from mennonites, and that there is no such thing as amish food.. . like i have the time to do that...

and then i'll have the old guy who thinks he's still young and smart say to me.. . "oh, now, you can't be more than 16 years old!" what do they think this is, , , some beauty pagent or something? why should they inquire about my age in the first place? i'm your SERVER, just eat your food! (when i began serving when i was 17, old guys thought i was 15. at least i can drive now!)

and my favorite story, because it was so odd was this. a few weeks ago, during our slow time of the day, i was conversing with a family of 4 from israel. they were spending three months touring the states and wer going home the next day. i had just recut and died my hair the night before and was still in the "i don't know if this really looks right but i'll try it" stage. as i walked away, the papa flagged me back and proceeded to ask me in broken english... "may i ask where you get your hair done?" i was flabbergasted. why should he care? and even if i did go to a salon it's not like HE would go there too. plus he's a JEWISH GUY (no offence to jews or guys), but it was all too weird. he went on, in detail, explaining how he loved the cut, style, color, and bangs. after telling him that i do my own hair, HE was shocked. i walked away laughing hysterically. it's not every day an israeli dad compliments their server on her hairstyle!!!


oh, time to go to class. i smell like food.

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. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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