October 5, 2013

Thrift Store Couture: The Art of Tucking

Today's collection of thrift pieces is brought to you by the art of tucking (read that carefully, folks): who knew there were so many ways to tuck in a shirt? Also, these shoes are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. Ask Andrew. I even showed him what it looks like when real women run in heels (elbows in, hands flailing,with short, scuffy steps [think: old-person-shuffle-while-holding-on-to-their-walker]... none of these wide-leg-sprints that makes us admire those Hollywood heroines. Forget that she can easily take a man down who is twice her size. It's how she runs to and from the scene of the crime in those four-inch-heels that makes me want to be her.)

The no-tuck-AmIEvenWearingPants?-MileyCyrus look.

The half-in-half-out-purposely-trying-hard-to-look-like-I-don't-care look.

The messy-Missy-tuck (only because there was too much material to actually tuck into those shorts).

The super comfy heels!

The only advantage of being in a generation where gauged ears were at one time cool (I'd currently rate them slightly-cool/slightly dated)? Wearing multiple earrings in that once-gauged ear!

The shoe profile.

The bloop:
We were actually both in bad moods during this shoot. So this was my response at Andrew attempting to break us out of the bad mood curse. Eh. Any little attempt helps. 

shirt// thrift, Portland, $3
shorts// DIY-mom-jeans, thrift, Lancaster, $1
shoes// thrift, London, $10
earrings// combo thrift & personal collection

On a much brighter note, I/we are no longer in a bad mood and the sun is out. The rainy season has begun quite early here, so any meager attempt at a shining sun is a wonderful day.

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