October 4, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Days 91-92

Adding Lake Como to our itinerary was a last minute change. We mostly added it to try to get invited to George Clooney's villa before he sells it.


I'm sad to say that dinner at George's didn't fit into our packed schedule.

Someone once said that Lake Como is one of the prettiest places on Earth. And while my vision is currently clouded because I have seen too many prettiest places in such a short amount of time, I still see well enough to say that yes, it was super pretty, and yes, I will visit Lake Como again.

We stayed in a small town called Cernnobio. We picked Cernnobio because, yes again, one of the Oceans movies was filmed at a villa there.

[Oceans fans: In the movie, this villa was Francois Tallures' mansion... The steps where he persuaded Clooney/Danny Ocean to a duel stealing the egg. Also, it was the patio where Julia Roberts and Clooney admitted victory over Tallure.]

When we exited the ferry, we realized we were just in time to see the final minutes of the Italian Grand Prix boat race and festival. THIS worked to our advantage. You see, the villa from the movie is private and usually closed to the public. But for some reason, there was a gate to the villa grounds that was left open because VIPs from the festival were allowed to be on the grounds. So, while the festival was tearing down, we posed as Stupid American Tourists and wandered past the VIP signs, through the gate, and were able to snag a few pictures of the steps and patio! Thank goodness for American stereotypes!

We were entertained by torrential rain and thunderstorms for most of our time there.  Being in a constant state of exhaustion for the past three months, rain was fine with us. Well, mostly me. I laid in bed all day and stared out at the magnificent view from our window. Andrew was antsy and decided he would rather roam around in the rain. And then once the storms ended I leaned out the window all day (loving the post-rain woodsy smells) and stared at the magnificent views (while Andrew got even more antsy and decided he wanted to roam all the places again so that he could see them in the sunlight).

We ate a wonderful meal at a randomly chosen restaurant in town. I've literally  eaten a ton of Caprese salads on this trip, but hands down, this one was the best (best = TONS of fresh basil, ripe tomatoes, and pour-my-own Balsamic). Andrew had risotto with fresh fish from Lake Como (which I was THIS close to trying)... I had pesto on wormy looking pasta. Unfortunately, the portions were so large we had no room to even consider dessert.

Less than one week of traveling to go: two days in Venice, one night train, Oktoberfest, two days with friends in Garmish, one in Stuttgart, and one travel day to London!

Here's to hoping they let us back in the UK!!

>Food 1
>Location .5
>Activities 0
>Comfort 1
>Hotel 1
The Turner FLACH Rating? 3.5 stars.

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