February 3, 2011

My Kool Runway Look

so it's been a while, folks, since my last insightful blog. no excuses on my end. it could have been a lack of creativity, computer, or time. whatever the case, this one is going to be a goody [wink].

before we begin, may i explain my fascination with hair. i love it.... cutting, styling, coloring. and though i never had any type of schooling, i've spent hours cutting and styling (and fixing) not only my own hair, but my family and friends' hair. and yes, i've had repeat customers.

so the other day i decided to watch some instructional videos by the super uppity fashion brand, paul mitchell. this particular video was explaining the newest runway looks.... anywhere from crimping,  teasing, shaving, and adding the random object (pipecleaners??). as odd as these looks may be, i happen to love them. actually, the uglier the better (ps- did i ever tell you that one time  i designed my outfit based on some super hideous heels that a friend graciously gave to me? that's another story). something about the way the models hold their heads high in confidence makes me attracted to their hair (or maybe it's so heavy they just have to balance it). or maybe it's the way the stylist are super proud of the two-foot head of hair they just topped off with a feather (or maybe it's the huge amount of money they get from adding a birdnest on top of someone's head). i dunno. but it's way kool.

here are some of my favorites:

you have to admit, there's just something about them that makes you say "i love it. i want to look like that."

so, i said to myself, i can do this... very easily. i could probably even "do" them better if someone paid me big bucks. i decided to experiment.

here's what i came up with:

anyone feel like paying me??

you can admit that i have talent. i know it. especially because i've got the runway facial expression down.

so then, i experimented with a new way to curl my hair.

as you can see, it's quite simple. you just need any kind of a round object to roll your hair around before you set it in the foil. i think i used some kind of a skinny bottle. then comb through with your fingers.

my favorite aspect in all these pictures is the sweet, yellow lighting of the bathroom. it really accentuates... well.... something.... maybe the pink tile?

so after doing all this to myself, i realized i had to go out of the house that night. i wanted my hair off my neck, so i tucked it up into a faux short do.

maybe next time i'll learn how to do the runway makeup look.

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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  1. I miss you and your hair....I love reading your blog it's so you...Enjoy