November 11, 2010

A Blast From the Past (part 2)

ok, kids, here's another treat from my ol' myspace page. the last of my old blogs (which i find quite humorous, and of which i am quite certain that you may too). read on...

. . .

Apr 29, 2009
Up all night doing what sick people do...

.... my poor husband. He now knows all about the joys of marriage including coming when I call him in the middle of the night....

I yell a weak "Andrew!"

A few moments pass.

A squinty-eyed, messed up hair, half-asleep husband pokes his head into the bathroom.

"What do you need?"

I hand him the trashcan full of puke.

"Can you get me some other pants to wear? I got these all messy."

And then he goes to sleep on the couch because who wants to sleep with a sick wife??

I can't believe it's been two years since I have actually blogged on here! I just finished reading my old blogs and was laughing at how I humor myself! But the thought that keeps coming back to me is "Wow. Those blogs truly describe who I am. They are ME."

I say this because in these two years since I've blogged, I think I have forgotten who I am. Yeah I've gotten married. Yeah I'm finishing college. Yeah I'm no longer lonely. But I have forgotten me.

It's a sad feeling.
And I know what did it to me. And I know exactly how it did it to me.

I'll be straight with you. Hygiene school, as much as I believe I was supposed to go there and am supposed to be a hygienist, sucks. I stretched me, and twisted me, and pulled me back and forth into a girl I have not recognized.

My poor husband. Both of us can't wait for it to be over. 3 weeks.

I haven't had time for maintaining the friendships that I want. I haven't had time to spend with my nephews (yes ALL of them: Anthony, Rodney, Chase, Cody, Noah, Ari, and Baby Lusby)! I haven't had time to pursue reading, and hobby-ing.

All that I have had time to do is survive. Wake up early. Drive an hour. Spend a twelve hour stressful day at school feeling disrespected and being treated like a child. Scarf down food. Struggle with indigestion from scarfing down food. Grab Starbucks to keep me awake for hours of lecture. Get a headache from stress and too much caffiene. Drive home. Say hi to Andrew. Do my homework. Sleep. Wake up....
Feel sorry for me. You should. [wink]

I've done nothing but complain about my schooling in the past two years. So let me just say that it WAS my choice to go to hygiene school. I know it is my calling. I mean, who else can get excited about tooth number 6 because it is the prettiest tooth in the mouth (Those lingual cingulums are sooo sexy...). I AM a hygienist (oh yeah, I forgot, that's only if I pass all three board exams AND find a job in this climate).

Let's put the past behind us, Melissa and friends.

Let's throw pessimism out and turn back to optimism.
Onward soldiers.

School is almost out. It's time to be Melissa again.

May 18, 2007

Current mood:content
A fresh start and ogres.

If Shrek was a man, I still wouldn't date him.

I'm having a CRISIS! My hair won't hold color anymore! Imagine that! I mean, it's fallen out, been fried, stripped, and more, but never NOT held color. I've tried a few times now. It either turns orange or washes out after a few days. Ugh. How can this happen??

I wish The Office would never end. This season finale was wonderfully entertaining, but it got me sad because all good things end sometime. [pout]

I'm still not in love with Justin Timberlake-- even if he is the voice behind King Arthur.

I found out that I got accepted into hygiene school this fall! I'm totally stoked and am freaking a bit about money, the workload, and the drive to Harrisburg each day.

I need a new band (no, not the one I play in). I mean a new band to listen and be obsessed with. Any ideas?

Presently, while I write this, Andrew is napping behind me. He's been living in Lancaster for a few months now. SO GOOD.

Those "higher up" called me off of work tomorow. Bummerbutt. I guess I'll have to partake in The World's Largest Chicken BarBQ at Pickel Park and maybe hit up The Buck! Yum. Hope it doesn't rain!

My neighbor is playing his radio really loud. I'm ready to NOT live in this city anymore.

I'm so myspaced out. No, I'm so technologied out.

Mmmmmmmm, food is calling.

Adios, readers.

Feb 18, 2007

Current mood:tired
Where in the world is Melissa going next??

Can I just say that I love traveling? It helps to keep my little sheltered, Lancaster mind open and reflective on life!

Anyway, my next travels are going to take me to Colorado Springs! Aside from the fact that I'm going there to spend a few weeks with Andrew and take a road trip with him (by the way, for those of you who are clueless, I haven't seen him since almost three months ago!), I'll be delighting myself in Colorado's beauty! It's the first time I'll have spent time in that lovely state and can't wait!

Andrew's going to be showing his face around Lancaster for a little after we get back. We'll finally be able to BE with eachother like other normal couples!

I just got back from a Trace Adkin's concert with Carly. Yes, that's right, Trace Adkins... that huge country singer with the long hair, too-tight jeans, and strangely deep voice. I think last saw him on a commercial for Chevy. It was a hick of a night! And for all those of you who say you like everything BUT country music, well, you need to rethink this issue a bit! Country music refreshes me and for some reason gives me a sense of belonging. Or something like that.....

Last night I hit up the Chameleon with a few friends... Lovedrug and The Mint were playing all acoustic. I was in heaven. Firstly because they are two of my favs, and secondly because of the acoustic part. It totally enhanced vocals and keys in both bands.... the two main aspects that I focus on anyways!

And I think tomorrow I'm hanging out with Val. We have this crazy idea to get some canvases and paint and give it a whirl......

That might be all we give it, too!
16 days until Colorado! It can't come soon enough!

Jan 27, 2007

Current mood:crazy
The Joys of Band Practice

It was snowing. It seemed to be snowing ice... the kind that cuts deep down into my soul! The wind was blowing sharply, cutting against the starry sky. I couldn' feel my fingers.

We were huddled against the bricks, trying to stay warm. The 15 degree weather felt absolutely frightening against my bare skin! The snow was melting through the soles of my boots, soaking my feet in smelly, melted snow crystals. How much longer did I need to put up with this? Can't I just go home? Complete torture.

And the only thing we had was eachother. They say if someone is freezing to death, that body heat is the best heater. So we huddled, as close as we dared. Trying to keep the freeze out.

Ah, the joys of band photos. I was in short sleeves, in the middle of a snow squall, trying to look cool.... trying. I kept shouting "O don't step there, you'll ruin the snow for the photo. Come AROUND the bush!"

Waiting For Cadence is the name we finally settled on after many an arduous week. We are just a bunch of Lancaster hoodlums having a blast.

So be watching for our shows and posted songs. Oh, believe me, I'll send out a few bullitans to keep you aware of what's going on with us.

It's cool to rock out sometimes. Even if it is in the snow!

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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