August 16, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Days 35-36

York, England.... What a gem! We didn't stay long, and were only passing through to get to her much larger sister, London, but it was well worth the stop.

I've been realizing that after two months of taking tons of photos, I'm sick of taking them. I'm pretty selective of what I take photos of anyway (like for instance I won't take a picture of the mini twelve apostles spinning around when the clock in the center of Prague strikes noon); however, I WILL take a picture of everyone else taking that picture. Or I'll take a picture of the many layers of paint that make up the yellow line on a cobblestone road in Edinburgh (see below).

IF I would have been on my game with taking pictures in York, I would have taken a picture of my favorite street performer, The Purple Man, who happened to take residence right outside our window. But one of the beauties of the digital age is, if I happen to become weary of taking pictures on a three-month Europe trip, I can probably find a decent photo on Google. Proof:

Click here to see more of what he is about (i.e. he stand completely still for hours...).
One of the most obvious sights to see in York is the stone fortress/wall that surrounds the old town. Though only a few miles long, its a wonderful thing to be able to walk it (without charging admission because York is cool like that) and pretend that you are a night watchman with a big gun protecting the city from intruders!! There, that's as warrior-like as I will ever get. Of course, if I WAS the night watchman and saw an enemy coming, I would probably be the one to go down, give him a hug, and 
invite him to dinner with the fam. Peace, not war, people.

Our quaint little hotel was called The Fort Boutique and it was located in the center of town. Our days were spent wandering the cobblestone streets, exploring green spaces, drinking coffee, and listening to street musicians. One of the street-perfoming bands was passing through town on their way to play in The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (where we just came from). Evenings were spent catching up on the Olympics and rooting for Team GB!!

Next stop? LONDON.

>Food 0
>Location 1
>Activities .5
>Comfort 1
>Hotel 1

The FLACH? 3.5 purple stars

York from a distance.
York from the wall/fortress.
The beautiful wall/fortress.
Isn't this just cool?

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